The process of dissolving a marriage is unique to every person that goes through it. It is critical that you retain an attorney whom you feel comfortable with, understands your needs and goals and can provide effective and result-driven representation. A divorce can be very simple or very complicated and that depends on a variety of factors. Whether you and your spouse can agree on major issues, the length of your marriage, the earning capacity and potential of both parties, the cause of the breakdown, the relationship of each party with minor children, among many other factors, will affect your personal experience.
Every divorce starts with one party serving the other with “divorce papers.” Once that paperwork is served, regardless of the complexity of your particular case, the parties must wait approximately ninety days before the marriage can actually be dissolved. However, many divorces last much longer than ninety days. During the ninety day window and until the divorce is finalized, a variety of things will happen. You will likely have to produce a variety of financial documents, including a financial affidavit. You may have to participate in one or more “pre-trials” to attempt to resolve whatever issues you and your partner face. In the event either party needs court intervention prior to the final dissolution, a hearing before a judge may be required.

Every divorce ends by agreement or by trial. At the end of the divorce all the assets of both parties will be distributed and/or split. Additionally, all issues regarding alimony, child support, child custody and visitation will also be resolved.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and answer questions specific to your unique situation. However, I have provided general answers to common questions below to give you an idea of what to expect in the meantime.

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